Our Purpose

The Engineer's Association of Nevada County (EANC) was founded in its present form in 1990 for the purpose of promoting awareness and appreciation of the engineering profession, earth sciences, and related fields, by keeping current on changing science and regulations, by encouraging students, and by honoring exemplary engineers and quality projects in the community.


Please help us by becoming a paid member of the association, and attending our monthly meetings.  Membership dues fund our scholarships and outreach events, such as Lyman Gilmore's Flight Day.

In the News

The EANC is always looking for programs.  Please let us know if you would like to present an interesting technical topic at one of our monthly meetings.

Please consider joining the Association.  Complete a membership application and either bring it to a meeting or mail it to us at the address on the form.  Membership fees fund scholarships, Science Fair Awards, and other community-related engineering outreach.

The 2016 form is still valid for signing up!

EANC Membership Form 2016.pdf
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Our meetings are on the fourth Wednesday of the month, at the Contractor's Association of Nevada County, at 149 Crown Point Court, Grass Valley.


The program schedule for 2017 is:


Wednesday January 25- Richard Peevers, H&K-- Gazex Avalanche Exploders


Wednesday February 22- Breanna Webb, Stantec-- Hydrologic Modeling using PC SWMM


Wednesday March 22- David Romo, Geo-Logic - Challenges in the Mining Industry


Wednesday April 26- Doug Rodderick, NID - Centennial Dam


Wednesday May 24 - Matthew Kennedy - Tensar International, "Geogrid for Roadways"


Wednesday June 28-   Bryan McAlistar - Flood Hazards and working with FEMA in Nevada City


Wednesday July -  No meeting


Wednesday August 30-  David Romo, Geo-Logic - "Water Recovery from a Large Tailings Impoundment in the Atacama Desert using Dikes".


September -  Social at the Northstar Mining Museum with the Sierrans for Responsible Resource Management


October -


November -


December - Holiday Social and Project/Engineer of the Year Awards




The program schedule for 2016 was:


Wednesday Jan 27 - Hans Shillinger "Development of an Isothermal Compression System".


Wednesday February 17 - Trisha Tillotson - "City of Grass Valley Proposed Improvement Standards Updates".


Wednesday March 23 - Tim Wood, Nevada County Engineer - "Engineering Projects in Nevada County"


Wednesday April 27 - Zachi Anderson - Forest Trails Alliance!


Wednesday May 25 - Kyle Lenehan- Geopier Foundation Systems


Wednesday June 22- Bryan MacCalister - Nevada City Engineer


Wednesday July 27- Jake Russell - "Design of a Geocell Final Cover System - OrdotDump, Guam" 


Wednesday August 24 - Networking mixer at Old Republic Brewery (plus tour) 5:15PM


Wednesday September 28 - Adam Weiss - Impact of New Landscaping Regulations


Wednesday October 26- Dan Thiem - Tour of the In Town Campground


Wednesday November 16- Andy Cassano - Ridge Road Subdivision and Forest Springs Mobile home park


Wednesday December 14- Holiday Lunch and Project/Engineer of the Year Awards